Agile Showcase Amsterdam: Innovating and changing with Agile, 25 Jan 2018, Amsterdam
Since the publication in 2001, of the then controversial document The Agile Manifesto , organisations have adopted, some or many of the recommendations for better ways of meeting deadlines and satisfying customers. While a few organisations are still with the waterfall method of practice, most others have embraced the agile as “the new normal”.

Now, over a decade and half later, let us see how much of the adoptions of the core statements :

  • “Individuals and interactions over process and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan”…… have been achieved and helped establishing a faster and practical way of getting things done.

At present times, Agile communities are everywhere and the Agile philosophy is being adopted by more and more organisations. There are several frameworks that are in operation -, SAFe®, Scrum and XP, DAD, The Agile PM Framework etc.

But Agile after all is about iterative development and agile methods are written context-independent so if “pure agility” is the goal of the development team, they would want to change and not have one method to be the part of the plan. From various opinions, conversations and surveys, it has been seen that the teams who apply a mixture of methods adapting them to the project at hand and are not bound to a fixed process but willing to change are the ones who achieve a better rate of success.

Stalwart thought leaders and organisations with real experience share their views and know-how and take part in discussion sessions at this AgileExpo. The conference thus provides the perfect occasion for delegates to get involved in the conversation, ask questions, learn about best practices and stay together in the Agile initiative, where Agile has its roots in working, sharing and innovating.

Topics to be covered:

  • How to bring Agile to other sectors outside software
  • Advanced Agile concepts
  • Budgeting for Agile insights
  • Budget control
  • Agile testing
  • Integrated Agile
  • Is Agile and Scrum more implicit than explicit
  •  Actual implementation of Agile / SAFe
  • Agile Portfolio Management
  • Resource Management in Agile
  • The future of business Analysis in Agile
  • Scaling Agile.
  • Agile Maturity
  • Scrum specific tips

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Call for Participation

We are looking for speakers willing to share their experiences and stories about your work in the field. If you wish to submit a proposal to present at this event please fill in the speaker’s response form.


  • Joint morning session with DevOps Showcase -

  • Chair for the Joint Morning session
    Astrid Claessen, Agile Coach at Wigo4it & Pro Bono Sparring Partner -

  • 08:30 -

    Coffee and Registration

  • 09:10 -

    UNICOM’s welcome

  • 09:15 -

    The Chair’s scene setting

  • 09:30 -

    Horses for courses: a plea for a mixed methods approach

    Dave Snowden, CTO, Cognitive Edge

    Before you place a bet in a horse race you check out the ground conditions. Some horses run better on heavy, wet soil others on the dry. The various method and ideology wars in the whole Agile movement is inhibiting innovation, preventing progress. Agile is increasingly starting to look like a highly structured commodity to the detriment of the original values. In this presentation Snowden will look at how to frame a mixed methods approach and radically reduce risk. Getting methods and tools defined at the right level, defining transaction protocols, looking at unarticulated needs and turning the involvement of testing to a much earlier stage in the development cycle all change the dynamics of delivering value for Agile and DevOps alike.


    Dave Snowden

  • 10:15 -

    DevOps – From Buzzword to Benefits

    Peter Eeles, Worldwide Lead for DevOps Adoption, IBM

    IBM has conducted over 200 in-depth DevOps workshops with clients to understand their DevOps challenges and subsequent resolutions. What did these organizations do to improve, what benefits did they realize and how do you compare? This session presents an analysis of workshop results with a view to helping you fine-tune your own DevOps transformation.


    Peter Eeles

  • 11:00 -

    Introduction to Sponsors and supporting bodies & Coffee break

  • 11:30 -

    The Future of Teams

    Tony Grout, Transformation Futurist, Atlassian

    l will describe what are the characteristics of high performing teams based on the hundreds of teams I and other Atlassians have observed and work in over the last 15 years. I’ll then describe how context impacts that performance and what the future of teams looks like in the new world we are in.


    Tony Grout

  • 12:15 -

    Manage compliance in cloud-based infrastructure

    Christoph Hartmann, Lead Engineer, Chef

    Quite often, compliance is perceived as a regulatory burden that makes all of our lives more difficult. Continuous measurement and reporting is becoming more and more complex in a dynamically changing infrastructure.

    This talk will demonstrate how we can tackle compliance requirements in cloud environments and how those results can be used to improve your organisation in your day-to-day operations.


    Christoph Hartmann

  • 12:35 -

    Panel: Overcoming the challenges of adoption and change

    All speakers with questions from the floor. Moderator: Astrid Claessen

  • 13:00 -


  • Afternoon Session Agile Showcase:
    Chair Astrid Claessen, Agile Coach at Wigo4it & Pro Bono Sparring Partner -

  • 14:00 -

    Chair’s scene setting

  • 14:10 -

    Agility & Agile Architecture

    Arnab Sinha, Continuous Delivery Expert, and Hiten Khambhadia is Enterprise Architect for Banking and Financial Services Unit for Europe, Tata Consultancy Services

    It’s a delicate act of balancing when Agile Delivery Model and Architecture have to go hand in hand. Join in to unravel the answers to where and which architects be placed in an Agile organization, is the architecture defined aligned to the agile delivery model and more… Talk Description Architectures is always associated with creating a full (and large) blue print of the concept, both in IT and Business. In an agile world where we target to bring the concept to cash time to minimum. There is challenge to achieve the right balance. The talk covers following aspects of agile architecture: • Architecture governance: What are different architecture roles in agile model to keep it nimble but relevant. Should architects be part of teams or outside? • Architecture artifact: What kind of architecture artifacts makes sense in scale agile delivery model ? How can concept to implementation design be traced? • Agile Architecture: Are all architecture suitable for agile delivery model? Is there an agile architecture?


    Arnab Sinha

    Hiten Khambhadia

  • 14:40 -

    'No' your way to trust

    Marjan Venema, Coach, Braving Trust

    For a team to become truly agile and achieve a high level of performing, trust is an essential ingredient. Having worked hard to improve my self-trust, I’ve come to realize that — perhaps counter-intuitively for many — being able and willing to say ‘no’ is essential if you want to increase your self-trust and trustworthiness.

    In this session you will get a good sense of how often you actually say ‘no’, sometimes without using the word, during the activities that you engage in on a day-to-day basis. I will discuss how avoiding saying ‘no’ affects trust, and how saying ‘no’ usually plays out and what that does to trust levels. I will then explain William Ury’s structure for a ‘Positive No’ and how you can apply that to any situation in which you want or need to say ‘No’ in such a way that trust levels are affected positively, and that your relationship with the person you say ‘No’ to is preserved and perhaps even strengthened.


    Marjan Venema

  • 15:10 -

    Tea & Coffee break

  • 15:30 -

    Mini-workshop: The Agile Self-Assessment Game  

    Ben Linders, Consulting, and Berry Kersten, Improve Quality Services

    The Agile Self-Assessment Game can be used by teams and organizations to self assess their agility. Playing the game enables teams to reflect on their own team interworking and agree upon the next steps for their agile journey. Agile coaches use self-assessments in agile transformations to guide teams and help them learn about agile to find their way.

    Attendees can play the card game in teams in this mini-workshop. There will be several playing suggestions available to explore how teams can self-assess their agility and decide on the next steps in their agile journey.

    The teams will be using cards from the basic game and from expansion packs like DevOps and Business Agility. 

    With this game teams can discover how agile they are and what they can do to increase their agility to deliver more value to their customers and stakeholders.


    Ben Linders

    Berry Kersten

  • 16:30 -

    Chair’s summing up & Close of conference.

  • 16:40 -

    Drinks reception.


Astrid Claessen

Agile Coach at Wigo4it & Pro Bono Sparring Partner

Peter Eeles

Worldwide Lead for DevOps Adoption, IBM

Tony Grout

Transformation Futurist, Atlassian

Christoph Hartmann

Lead Engineer, Chef

Berry Kersten

Improve Quality Services

Hiten Khambhadia

Tata Consultancy Services

Ben Linders


Arnab Sinha

Continuous Delivery Expert, Tata Consultancy Services

Dave Snowden

CTO, Cognitive Edge

Marjan Venema

Coach, Braving Trust

Gold Sponsor

Bronze Sponsor

Previous Programme

  • -

    Chairperson for the day: Astrid Claessen, Agile Coach, Raise Our Level

  • 09:00 -


  • 09:30 -

    Welcome and introduction to the sponsors

  • 09:40 -

    Agile at Scale: In Practice at

  • 10:10 -

    Pull is the only thing that lasts

  • 10:40 -

    Tea and Coffee break

  • 11:15 -

    Scaled Agile Framework: Day 1401

  • 11:45 -

    How can we learn from failure?

  • 12:15 -

    Panel discussion: Is agile delivering on promise?

  • 13:00 -


  • 14:00 -

    Transforming an Organisation – DELTA’s Story

  • 14:30 -

    Agility with Use Cases: When User Stories Aren’t Enough

  • 15:00 -

    Tea and Coffee break

  • 15:15 -

    “Scale”, the most hyped term today, but really, how do you scale and transition successfully into an agile organization?

  • 16:00 -

    What I learned from two big Agile transitions in NL

  • 16:30 -

    Chairperson’s Summary

  • 16:45 -

    Close and drinks reception

Previous Speakers

Astrid Claessen

Raise Our Level

Jasper Verdooren


Fina Piazza

Liberty Global

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Willem Isbrucker

James Janisse

Tom Tom

Patricia Kong

Enterprise Solutions,

Graham Marsh

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Rosemarije Noordzij


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