• Joint plenary keynotes in common with Agile Programme and Project Management and Agile Methods in the Finance Sector
    Morning chairman: Keith Richards, agileKRC
    9:00 - 9:20
    Introduction and scene-setting
    Keith Richards, agilekrc
    9:20 - 9:35
    Introduction to Sponsors
    9:35 - 10:10
    A pragmatist’s guide to real world agile execution : And the business and operational value that can be gained
    Bola Rotibi CEng., Research Director, Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd.

    In this presentation, industry analyst and Research Director, Bola Rotibi will outline strategies adopted by organisations of varying sizes and maturity, and from across the market landscape, towards Agile execution and greater business and operational agility.
    The presentation will showcase the following:

    • A reasoned position on the key business issues addressed by organisations moving to agile development or deployment practices along with the challenges presented and the solutions offered.
    • The business and organisational process changes underpinning a move to agile deployment and delivery
    • The top 3-5 patterns for Agile deployment practices within the market that can be reused across multiple contexts and for different industry sectors

    In essence, this presentation will look to understand the presence of Agile or Lean practices within organisations along with their impact on the business and their applicability across key market sectors. The goal will be to leave the audience with the ability to identify areas of focus pertinent to their organisational needs. Just as importantly will be guidance that will allow them to ensure that they are well positioned to leverage best practices and solutions to common challenges.

    Michael Sapir On White - Crop
    10:10 - 10:45
    The Agile PMO - practical value driven change leadership in projects and portfolios
    Michael Nir, President, Sapir Consulting
    Conclusive research findings inform us that many PMO roll-outs are disbanded in two years. Yet, we repeat the same mistakes in our PMO implementations – wasting budgets, resources and time. In this presentation we investigate the many pitfalls that PMOs fall into.

    We present a contemporary model for PMO agility which includes:
    • Removing waste in process and projects
    • Selecting and prioritizing projects in a SAFe® approach
    • Effective resource management using Kanban or CCPM tools and
    • Promoting Agile leadership.

    Key take away – a PMO must deliver value to the organization constantly. Value isn’t template, tools and processes rather it is the ability to finish the right projects faster!
    10:45 - 11:20
    Tea & Coffee
    11:20 - 11:55
    Why Docker changes everything
    Dan North, Dan North & Associates Ltd
    A year ago hardly anyone had heard of Docker, a small open source project using some arcane features of the Unix operating system. Going into 2015 Docker, or more accurately container-based deployment, is suddenly on every corporate IT roadmap.

    What is a Docker container? How is it different from a virtual machine? Why does it matter? And more importantly why should you care about it?

    As physical servers give way to virtual machines, and virtual machines give way to cloud infrastructure, containers may be the magic dust that enables your organisation to make the best use of its existing hardware investment and pave the way to Continuous Delivery.

    In this talk, Dan North describes the landscape that container-based deployment is shaping, and gives you some pointers to tools, technologies and resources so you can start exploring it for yourself.
    11:55 - 12:30
    KEYNOTE: Agile – Scaling to Enterprise

    Andrew Michael Howard, HP

    In this presentation, Andrew will discuss HP's experiences of ways to scale Agile practices to the Enterprise level and to further realise the value of Enterprise Agility through DevOps practices. 

    12:30 - 13:00
    Panel: All of the above morning speakers form this panel and participate in a Q &A discussion
    13:00 - 14:00
  • Agile in the Public Sector Sessions
    Track chairman: Mark Buchman, nLighten
    14:00 - 14:30
    The Practicalities of an Agile IT Project in the Royal Courts of Justice
    Neil Smith-Willis, Thomson Reuters
    A discussion of the realities of implementing an Agile approach to a Government IT project. We’ll start off with the reasons for using an Agile approach, discuss some of the key challenges to implementing Agile on a project of this nature, look at some of the key areas where Agile delivery has helped the project to succeed and take a look at the future of Agile in Government projects.
    14:30 - 15:00
    Multi-Vendor Agility in the Public Sector

    Daryl Searle, Sogeti

    In this session, Daryl Searle will be looking at ways of applying the principles of agile when delivery methods and programmes utilise multi vendors. We will explore how to bring principles together to achieve key programme objectives across time, cost and quality.

    15:00 - 15:30
    Tea & Coffee
    15:30 - 16:00
    Is your culture fit for Agile? Key considerations when moving to a more Agile way of working

    Mark Buchan, nLighten

    There has been much talk in the past around how organisations can become more agile and how people play an important part in that transformation.  Sadly, it remains as talk where well intentioned change agents revert to focusing on their processes or technology to bring about much needed change but completely ignore or cast as irrelevant the part that people play in the change. In this 30 minute talk Mark will address some key issues as to how organisations can go about changing their culture in order to support more agile ways of working. 

    16:00 - 17:00
    Case Study: Portfolio Prioritisation and the “Fuzzy Front End”

    Joshua Arnold, Black Swan Farming

    Addressing many of the problems in software development require changes upstream of development – where almost nobody is paying attention. If the UK public sector is going to improve the quality, speed and value of software solutions delivered we need to consider what is happening before it gets anywhere near writing code – the “Fuzzy Front-End”.

    So how do we improve the way we prioritise to ensure that we’re delivering value quickly and not wasting our precious capacity to innovate? Since economics is all about scarcity, we can turn to economics to help us quickly discover, nurture and speed up the delivery of value.

    In this talk we will discuss how Cost of Delay enabled a Fortune 500 company to discover, nurture and speed up the delivery of value across $100m portfolio to:

    1. Improve Prioritisation – by using CD3 (Cost of Delay Divided by Duration)
    2. Improve Decision-making – by making the economic trade-offs visible
    3. Change the Focus – from efficiency and cost to speed and value

    Drawing on many years in the UK public sector (Environment Agency, Student Loans Company, DWP, DFID) I’ll share some experience of bringing the “fuzzy front end” into focus and aligned toward faster time-to-market and improved return on investment.

    Panel: All of the above afternoon speakers form this panel and participate in a Q &A discussion.
    17:00 - 18:30
    End of conference and drinks reception sponsored by HP