It will explore the realities of applying Agile practices to public sector environments. Presentations will cover actual insights and practical experience from Agile specialists and representatives from UK Government, It also considers how Agile fits within the culture of Public Sector organisations and the special challenges of Agile procurement contracts

This Conference will be invaluable to anyone working within Government and the Public Sector and who has the responsibility to implement or work within the Government’s ICT Strategy for Agile.

Co-located Events:

These conferences are co-located so delegates can take advantage of the synergy between topics. Participants are welcome to choose to attend any sessions across these three events.

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Who Should Attend:

This event is for those working within the Public Sector and NGOs who seek clarification and understanding of what Agile is, how to implement it and how to avoid the pitfalls – or to improve and benchmark their existing Agile strategies.

It will also benefit those companies seeking to work closely with Public Sector organisations to help them to better understand the special culture and requirements of the sector.

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