Agile Project Management refers to the application of Agile methodologies to the project management area. Thus, it reflects the principles and ideas included in the Agile manifesto and stresses the value of aspects such as adaptation, interaction and quality. Agile project Management is not limited to software development, but also is relevant to different business contexts, which increases the potential rewards of understanding and implementing it throughout the company.

Programmes comprise a number of projects and are characterised by their complexity and large-scale and long-term impact on the organisation. In this context of huge potential benefits and risks, applying the right approach effectively is even more important and upscaling Agile to this level can be a challenge.

Co-located Events:

These conferences are co-located so delegates can take advantage of the synergy between topics. Participants are welcome to choose to attend any sessions across these three events.

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Who should attend:

The event will benefit those companies that have already adopted Agile and are looking at expanding its potential to other areas. For example, it helps clarifying when and how Agile project management can be most successfully applied. The conference also provides useful guidance for early adopters of Agile programme and project management, especially through case studies based on other businesses’ experience or the experts’ views.

Lastly, even those that have yet to embrace any type of Agile methodologies could benefit from the guidance and advice provided during the sessions, thus making the transition smoother.

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  • Joint plenary keynotes in common with Agile Methods in the Finance Sector and Agile in the Public Sector
    Morning chairman: Keith Richards, agileKRC
    9:00 - 9:20
    Introduction and scene-setting
    9:20 - 9:35
    Introduction to Sponsors
    9:35 - 10:10
    A pragmatist’s guide to real world agile execution : And the business and operational value that can be gained
    Bola Rotibi CEng., Research Director, Creative Intellect Consulting Ltd.

    In this presentation, industry analyst and Research Director, Bola Rotibi will outline strategies adopted by organisations of varying sizes and maturity, and from across the market landscape, towards Agile execution and greater business and operational agility.
    The presentation will showcase the following:

    • A reasoned position on the key business issues addressed by organisations moving to agile development or deployment practices along with the challenges presented and the solutions offered.
    • The business and organisational process changes underpinning a move to agile deployment and delivery
    • The top 3-5 patterns for Agile deployment practices within the market that can be reused across multiple contexts and for different industry sectors

    In essence, this presentation will look to understand the presence of Agile or Lean practices within organisations along with their impact on the business and their applicability across key market sectors. The goal will be to leave the audience with the ability to identify areas of focus pertinent to their organisational needs. Just as importantly will be guidance that will allow them to ensure that they are well positioned to leverage best practices and solutions to common challenges.

    Michael Sapir On White - Crop
    10:10 - 10:45
    The Agile PMO - practical value driven change leadership in projects and portfolios

    Michael Nir, President, Sapir Consulting

    Conclusive research findings inform us that many PMO roll-outs are disbanded in two years. Yet, we repeat the same mistakes in our PMO implementations – wasting budgets, resources and time. In this presentation we investigate the many pitfalls that PMOs fall into.

    We present a contemporary model for PMO agility which includes:

    • Removing waste in process and projects
    • Selecting and prioritizing projects in a SAFe® approach
    • Effective resource management using Kanban or CCPM tools and
    • Promoting Agile leadership.

    Key take away – a PMO must deliver value to the organization constantly. Value isn’t template, tools and processes rather it is the ability to finish the right projects faster!

    10:45 - 11:20
    Tea & Coffee
    11:20 - 11:55
    Why Docker changes everything

    Dan North, Dan North & Associates Ltd

    A year ago hardly anyone had heard of Docker, a small open source project using some arcane features of the Unix operating system. Going into 2015 Docker, or more accurately container-based deployment, is suddenly on every corporate IT roadmap.

    What is a Docker container? How is it different from a virtual machine? Why does it matter? And more importantly why should you care about it?

    As physical servers give way to virtual machines, and virtual machines give way to cloud infrastructure, containers may be the magic dust that enables your organisation to make the best use of its existing hardware investment and pave the way to Continuous Delivery.

    In this talk, Dan North describes the landscape that container-based deployment is shaping, and gives you some pointers to tools, technologies and resources so you can start exploring it for yourself.

    11:55 - 12:30
    KEYNOTE: Agile – Scaling to Enterprise

    Andrew Michael Howard, HP

    In this presentation, Andrew will discuss HP's experiences of ways to scale Agile practices to the Enterprise level and to further realise the value of Enterprise Agility through DevOps practices. 

    12:30 - 13:00
    Panel: All of the above morning speakers form this panel and participate in a Q&A discussion
    13:00 - 14:00
  • Agile Programme and Project Management Sessions
    Track chairman: Michael Nir, President, Sapir Consulting
    14:00 - 14:30
    Using agile project management in strategic change programmes

    Ashley Braganza, Brunel University

    • Are agile methods appropriate in strategic change programmes
    • Agile methods require agile leadership
    • Lessons learnt from ‘real world’ cases
    • Actions you can take to improve the implementation of change
    14:30 - 15:00
    Agile Programme Management: Not just for Software Development!

    Joanna Newman, Ericsson

    Agile Programme Management applies to more than just software development. Come to this interactive session to hear ideas and techniques to apply agile methodology to other business functions like change management, requirements management, and operations deployments. This session is suitable for people with an interest in Agile programme management and experienced Agile practitioners.

    15:00 - 15:30
    Tea & Coffee
    15:30 - 16:00
    Take control of your backlog and deliver!

    Mike Westwood, Plymouth University

    Do you regularly suffer from a large backlog of stories and don’t know where to start?  Is it clear from the beginning of a project you are unlikely to deliver all the requested areas on time or to budget?
    This presentation will give you a tried and tested method of prioritizing your backlog based on a blended method of using themes, prioritization and Kano classifications to enable you to take control of you backlog.
    Using real life examples from two large projects from a top 100 university we will guide you through the process to take control of your projects backlog. As an added bonus it also supports Prince 2 project management techniques and we will explain how the two can work side by side giving flexibility to the agile team but helping the project manager report on progress against milestones.

    16:00 - 16:30
    What's it Worth? Business Value as a Road to Better Agile

    Paul Field, Clarity of Purpose

    Every project is commissioned to create something beneficial for the business. But many projects lose sight of their purpose and instead work on a stream of features often prioritised by stakeholders' gut feel. That can lead to poor solutions and wasted effort, even with Agile teams.
    By uncovering what’s truly important for the business, every person in a project can feel connected to the ultimate business value, participate in better decision making and deliver in a way that realises business value faster and cheaper.

    16:30 - 17:00
    Panel: All of the above afternoon speakers form this panel and participate in a Q&A discussion.
    17:00 - 18:30
    End of conference and drinks reception sponsored by HP


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