Agile Methods 2017

Agile Methods: Programme and Project Management | Public Sector | Finance Sector27 April 2017, London

This event is co-located with DevOps and Microservices Summit and Project Management Conference 

This conference builds on the success of our event series dedicated to Agile Programme and Project Management, Agile in the Finance Sector and Agile in the Public Sector.

The event originates from the idea that learning about Agile methods is important; BUT understanding HOW they apply to your specific context is critical.

Similarly to last year, the 2017 edition features presentations covering different aspects of Agile in Programme and Project Management (for all business sectors), Public Sector and Finance. However, in order to maximise networking opportunities and cross-learning the event features all three topic areas in one track.

The programme favours case studies over theory-focused presentations and aims to connect subject experts with the audience via round table discussions, Q&A sessios and networking.

In contrast to other Agile events, this conference looks at issues specifically relevant to finance, public sector and project management. At the same time the mix of agile stories and subject experts from different backgrounds promotes open-mindedness and sharing.

There is also an exhibition alongside featuring leading service providers, consultants and vendors.

Benefits of attending:

  • Meet executives and professionals from your same industry area
  • Learn from subject experts addressing issues specific to Agile Methods in Finance, Public Sector and Programme and Project Management
  • Take away insights and lessons from presentations not specifically focused on your main interest area
  • Discussion and networking are encouraged via Q&A sessions after the presentations and during the breaks
  • Round table discussions help delegates further share their views in connection with specific key topics in Agile in Finance, Public Sector and Programme and Project Management


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    Four Cars - a practical set of metrics for your Agile system

    Tomasz Kropiewnicki, Agile Coach,

    Would you like to hear an interesting story about measuring Agile systems with practical applications and a catchy metaphor?

    When coaching for excellence both qualitative and quantitative aspects of our Agile systems should be considered, we cannot just rely on one. Through my Agile journey, I struggled to get the right balance when collecting metrics until finally discovering a method and metaphor that made sense: The Four Cars.


    Tomasz Kropiewnicki

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    Managing and Leading the Agile Organisation

    Chris Davies, Founder and Principal Consultant, Aterny Agile Services Ltd

    Some of the main factors impeding agile adoption, or making agility difficult to achieve, lie within the domain of management. But few managers understand the changes going on beneath them and how their own job needs to change to cope with this, and still lead effectively.

    This talk brings theory and practice from some of the leading management and leadership thinkers of our time to present a holistic view of agile management.

    Discover how to bridge the gaps between desired outcomes, plans and actions, how to create strategies that align large groups of people, the difference between management and leadership and why both are important. Explore the practicalities of delegation and empowerment, and how to create and align self-organising teams.


    Chris Davies



Chris Davies

Aterny Agile Services Ltd


Tomasz Kropiewnicki

Agile Coach,

Call for Participation

We are looking for speakers willing to share their experiences and stories about Agile Methods in Programme and Project Management, Finance and Public Sector. If you wish to submit a proposal to present at this event please fill in the speaker response form. In particular we are looking for:

  • Case studies
  • Presentations highlighting the specific challenges and opportunities faced when implementing AND scaling agile in Programme and Project Management, Finance and Public Sector
  • Presentations highlighting how the three areas could learn from each other
  • Short tutorials (max 60 mins)

Discover some of last year’s speakers

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