David Piper

David has specialized in the rapid delivery of solutions to meet customer’s needs for over 30 years.  He has a keen interest in “how agile really works” – how organizations can combine the empowerment of the self-organizing team with management’s need for information and transparency.  David has specialized in process thinking and process definition for nearly as long.  Having seen (and experienced) just how wrong process can be, David focuses on delivering the right amount of process to ensure that organizations can deliver effectively, benefit from their experiences and learn from their mistakes.  Working with clients he focuses on getting them to understand agile in the context of their organization – what’s good and what’s not so good.  Most importantly, David emphasizes that ways of working are not fixed, so that when things are wrong they should be changed. Most importantly they should be changed by the teams that are using them. David is an ICAgile certified Agile Instructor.

With a degree in Banking and International Finance and many years’ experience in the financial services industry, David applies his expertise across many sectors of the economy including manufacturing, telecoms, aerospace and government. David has been involved with clients around the world, including Hong Kong, South Africa, Mongolia, Australia, USA and throughout Europe.