The Banking, Financial Services and Insurance sectors continue to be affected by regulatory change as well as strict regulations and compliance requirements.  These changes necessitate upgrades to existing IT systems.  Set against this background, the requirement to deliver reliable and robust systems to a tight frame is of paramount importance. The IT professionals need  to  sustain  revenue  growth  and   retain  market  share  in  an  increasingly  competitive  landscape.  This takes place against a  background  of   volatile  trading  conditions  and  uncertainties, in  a  sector  where  mistakes  can  cost  millions.

While Agile development methods  may  offer  solutions  to  many  of  these  challenges,  the  complex  and   unique  requirements  of  the  financial  services  sector  have  perhaps  slowed  the  trend  to  Agile  adoption,  in   particular  in  organisations  where  there  is  a  perception  that  Agile  is  incompatible  with  fixed  project  budgets.

Co-located Events:

These conferences are co-located so delegates can take advantage of the synergy between topics. Participants are welcome to choose to attend any sessions across these three events.

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Who should attend:

This  event  is  relevant  to  all  finance  sector  organizations  and  should  be  of  particular  interest  to  directors  or   managers  in  a  performance  improvement  and  strategy  execution  function  as  well  as  accountants,     controllers,  performance  managers  or  analysts.

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