AgileExpo: Innovating and changing with Agile, 31 October, London
Since the publication in 2001, of the then controversial document The Agile Manifesto , organisations have adopted, some or many of the recommendations for better ways of meeting deadlines and satisfying customers. While a few organisations are still with the waterfall method of practice, most others have embraced the agile as “the new normal”.

Now, over a decade and half later, let us see how much of the adoptions of the core statements :

  • “Individuals and interactions over process and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a plan”…… have been achieved and helped establishing a faster and practical way of getting things done.

At present times, Agile communities are everywhere and the Agile philosophy is being adopted by more and more organisations. There are several frameworks that are in operation -, SAFe®, Scrum and XP, DAD, The Agile PM Framework etc.

But Agile after all is about iterative development and agile methods are written context-independent so if “pure agility” is the goal of the development team, they would want to change and not have one method to be the part of the plan. From various opinions, conversations and surveys, it has been seen that the teams who apply a mixture of methods adapting them to the project at hand and are not bound to a fixed process but willing to change are the ones who achieve a better rate of success.

Stalwart thought leaders and organisations with real experience share their views and know-how and take part in discussion sessions at this AgileExpo. The conference thus provides the perfect occasion for delegates to get involved in the conversation, ask questions, learn about best practices and stay together in the Agile initiative, where Agile has its roots in working, sharing and innovating.

Call for Participation

We are looking for speakers willing to share their experiences and stories about Agile transitions and transformations. If you wish to submit a proposal to present at this event please fill in the speaker response form.

Here is a list of topics we would like to cover at this event: 

  • Lean Principles and Kanban Methods
  • SAFe
  • Pragmatic Agile
  • Leadership
  • The cultural journey
  • Scrum/ Agile experience
  • Scaling Agile
  • Agile from the trenches – Case Studies
  • Actionable Metrics
  • Agile frameworks provide guidance for efficient operational software
  • Adopt a “build-and-run” teams concept
  • Improve DevOps with SAFe
  • Automation and SAFe
  • Automating for improved flow
  • The agile release train and continuous integration
  • Agile and DevOps – moving with flow based awareness
  • Mapping practices with scaled agile frameworks—SAFe, DAD, LeSS, and Nexus
  • Host a Round Table on a related topic


  • -

    Keynote: Disciplined DevOps: Pragmatic Strategies for the Enterprise

    Mark Lines, Enterprise Agile Coach, Disciplined Agile Consortium

    “DevOps” is the most popular, and most misunderstood, buzzword in the IT industry today. In this talk Mark Lines will explore what DevOps is in practice. He will address what DevOps means for established enterprises that are dealing with decades of legacy solutions and legacy cultures to overcome. He will also explore why Disciplined DevOps entails much more than just Development + Operations to be truly effective.


    Mark Lines

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    Reinventing our digital agency into a lean client partner

    Tony Foggett, CEO, Code Computerlove

    Tony will discuss his vision for a new agency model, focused around lean methodology. His talk will focus on how this model has unlocked new clients and made the traditional agency, with the large amount of waste this set-up generates, redundant.   Whilst also sharing lessons learnt from implementing this change within the agency culture and the challenges of driving lean methods with clients to create a successful model for reinventing the client/agency relationship.


    Tony Foggett



Mark Lines

Disciplined Agile Consortium


Tony Foggett

CEO, Code Computerlove

UNICOM’s Advisory Panel

Dorothy Graham

Software testing consultant, speaker and author

Dan North

Dan North Associates

Paul D. Nielsen

Director and CEO, Software Engineering Institute

Dave Snowden

CTO Cognitive Edge

Media Partner


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