Agile and DevOps: Are they a separate conversation or a progression of capability?

DevOps and Agile have shared environments that facilitate working together.  These two methods are more than simply adopting new tools and processes and the synergy involves building a development and a stable Continuous Integration (CI) infrastructure, as well as an automated pipeline that moves deliverables from development to production.  They can work together and the entire build process should be transparent, and it should enable and support development and operations.  This transformation depends on: significant changes in culture; roles and responsibilities; team structure; tools and processes.

Benefits of attending:

  • The speakers at this conference will follow the process from development to production.
  • Meet executives and professionals from your same industry area
  • Share ideas and brainstorm new approaches
  • Develop and benchmark your Strategies
  • Learn from others’ best practices, ideas and expertise
  • Discover latest technical skills, tools, tips and tricks in the industry
  • Take away insights and lessons from presentations not specifically focused on your main interest area
  • Discussion and networking are encouraged via Q&A sessions after the presentations and during the breaks

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Call for Participation

We are looking for speakers willing to share their experiences and stories about your work in the field of Agile. If you wish to submit a proposal to present at this event please fill in the speaker’s response form.

The topics that we are looking to cover:

  • Rise to the agility challenges
  • Lean Principles and Kanban Methods
  • SAFe
  • Pragmatic Agile
  • Leadership
  • The cultural journey
  • Scrum/ Agile experience
  • Scaling Agile
  • Agile from the trenches – Case Studies
  • Actionable Metrics


  • Conference Chair: -

  • 08:30 -

    Registration and Coffee

  • 09:15 -

    UNICOM’s Introduction

  • 09:20 -

    Chair’s scene setting

  • 09:30 -

    Keynote: Agile Leadership

    Zuzana (Zuzi) Sochova, Agile & Enterprise Coach; Certified Scrum Trainer

    Organizations are constantly evolving, they change their structures, processes and rules. Last decade they’ve been changing into Agile, and surprisingly despite all the effort and money they put into transformation, they’ve been often failing. The same way as culture follows organization, the culture follows leaders. Companies were trying to break that rule for years and change the culture without changing leadership style. Nowadays this rule seems to win and organizations are moving towards different leadership styles and surprisingly becoming successful. In order to change organization, leaders have to change first. Be one of them and turn your organization into a successful Agile organization.


    Zuzana (Zuzi) Sochova

  • 10:15 -

    Digital Transformation and the role of Agile

    Anil Kumar, Global Delivery Lead - Western Europe at Micro Focus.

    Digital transformation is disrupting the industries, business models and the way we work. In the current wave of Industry 4.0, all areas are being affected by digital transformation.

    To start a digital transformation, or to handle an existing transformation, we need a well-crafted strategy and plan. Agile as an agent of cultural change can help and guide us to do that.


    Anil Kumar

  • 11:00 -

    Introduction to sponsors and supporting bodies. Coffee break

  • 11:30 -

    How Security/Compliance teams can be good citizens in a DevOps Practice

    Pieter Hagen, Solutions Architect, Chef

    This talk will show how Security and Compliance teams can do a shift left in the DevOps cycle and become DevOps Enablers


    Pieter Hagen

  • 12:00 -

    Agile Resident Evils – DevOps To The Rescue

    Bertrand Dour, CEO and founder, 7Flows

    Agile originates from IT development teams. One of the 12 fundamental principles of the manifesto reminds us of the following: “Deliver working software frequently with a production cycle from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale“.

    However, many teams seemingly Agile tend to accumulate versions of their product within platforms known as qualification or pre-production platforms.

    Why would one adopt this compulsive accumulating behavior? Where does this evil come from, what are the consequences, how do we heal it? Let’s analyze together the reasons for a partial adoption of Agile in the organization and discover the levers and practices that allow us to further adopt Agile principles and values.


    Bertrand Dour

  • 12:30 -


  • 13:30 -

    How to Get on the Lean-Agile Highway? A comparison of lean and agile models at scale

    Chris Verlinden, CEO, ADJUGO

    The world seems to turn faster. Companies and organizations realize that they need to change and try to connect with a world dominated by Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla.

    Agile and lean-agile show the promise of significantly increasing the pace of developing new products, in IT and beyond. Small teams have brought significant results, but it appears harder to bring these to the next level.

    A number of models exist to help companies with their transformation towards faster, more agile, leaner organizations. They all claim the same roots, but give different recommendations.

    With this talk, we want to bring some clarity and help you choose…


    Chris Verlinden

  • 14:00 -

    Panel : Overcoming the challenges of adoption and change
    All speakers with questions from the floor

  • 14:45 -

    Tea & coffee break

  • 15:00 -

    Enterprise Continuous Testing Everywhere - Graham Bell to GDPR

    Nanda Kumar, Programme Test Manager, Colruyt

    According to research giant Forrester’s DevOps Benchmark Online Survey, adapting cultural shift to DevOps will be one of the top challenges in 2018. The evolution of the telephone started with Graham Bell but today’s trend is cellular phone with the latest 5G technology. Similarly, the evolution of Testing to Continuous Testing is inevitable. The study of the four major sectors of Functional, Performance, Accessibility and Security shows immediate need for this evolution and the requirement to adapt to the hottest trend of the future - GDPR. This presentation is an attempt to influence the audience to start on the Enterprise DevOps Journey especially focusing on Quality Engineering.

    The time to start is now!


    Nanda Kumar

  • 15:45 -

    HUM-BUS-DEV-SEC-OPS (Beyond DevOps)

    Maris Prabhakaran , Agile & DevOps Coach, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium

    How to enable agility by finding the missing block . What is the missing block beyond DevOps ? Human side is always forgotten. One of the agile principles is least concerned in the technology world. Not only human side , business and security block is also least concerned in many projects is the reason for the failure. is It is a powerful session with provoking your thoughts.

    How to synergize HUM-BUS-DEV-SEC-OPS

    ♦ HumBusDevSecOps Overview
    ♦ Beyond DevOps - Provoking thoughts - Disrupting your business thoughts
    ♦ Hidden agenda vs Brutal truth-Business vs Human.
    ♦ Q&A


    Maris Prabhakaran

  • 16:30 -

    Chair’s summing-up

  • 16:45 -

    Close of conference and drinks reception.


Peter Dens

Managing Director of Kangaroot

Bertrand Dour

CEO and founder of 7Flows

Pieter Hagen

Solutions Architect, Chef

Anil Kumar

Global Delivery Lead - Western Europe at Micro Focus

Nanda Kumar

Programme Test Manager, Colruyt

Maris Prabhakaran

Agile & DevOps Coach, Johnson & Johnson, Belgium

Zuzana (Zuzi) Sochova

Agile & Enterprise Coach; Certified Scrum Trainer

Chris Verlinden


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Previous Programme

  • Joint session with DevOps and Microservices -

  • 08:45 -

    UNICOM’s and Chairman’s introduction

  • 09:00 -

    Keynote: Agile in context: Understanding software systems as ecologies not manufacturing processes

  • 09:45 -

    Keynote: The complexity in the simplicity of Agile

  • 10:30 -

    Introduction to sponsoring and supporting bodies & Coffee break

  • 11:00 -

    DevOps: Changing Culture: (Tips, tricks & transforming)

  • 11:30 -

    When monitoring becomes more than metrics and logging

  • 12:00 -

    Round Table Discussion

  • 12:45 -


  • Track for Agile Transition and Transformation -

  • 13:40 -

    Agile Chairman’s introduction

  • 13:45 -

    Case Study: Agile in research projects – learnings from Big Data program @ BNP Paribas

  • 14:20 -

    Why does agile Improv accelerate the art of spontaneous & creative alignment?

  • 14:55 -

    re.vers.ify (re.imagining your organisation)

  • 15:30 -

    Tea / Coffee break

  • 15:45 -

    From Agile to Scaled Agile to Business Agility to a Teal Organisation

  • 16:20 -

    Viral home-made BNP Paribas IP

  • 17:00 -

    Chair’s summing up

  • 17:15 -

    Close of conference. Drinks reception sponsored by Wemanity till 18:15 hrs

Previous Speakers

Arie van Bennekum

Wemanity, Co-author Agile Manifesto

Lars Wagner

Royal Bank of Canada

Stephen Walters

Software Lead Solution Consultant, HPE

Alexis Bouis

BNP Paribas Investment Partners


Jerome Grandbastien

Agile Coach, BNP Paribas Fortis

Valerie Lemineur

BNP Paribas Investment Partners

Alois Mayr

Technology strategist, Dynatrace

Dave Snowden

CTO Cognitive Edge


Joris Swinnen

Agility Accelerator, Egg3

Gunther Verheyen

Scrum Caretaker, Ullizee-Inc


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